Stand back


 Guess what I think about. Recently, I have many opportunities to think that when I finish this program, what I want to do or what is next stage for me. When I am asking myself about it, I always answer that “I have no idea.”
I believe that studying new things have some powers which can change people’s mind. Because people usually grow up with studying. Certainly, it is not just going to school. We can learn a lot of things from our daily life. Honestly, I am part of the person.
In my university, a lot of international students were admitted and study hard. In addition, many cultural organizations in here try to share culture with others and they also respect another culture. From these perspectives, I am certain that understanding several cultures exerts positive impact on our life. In fact, we often have some problems due to cultural differences. However, it is very important in the process of understanding people.
I am not certain I could get back my usual life after end of this semester. However, I really want to help international students who come to our university and engage international something. I am trying to find the answer right now.

(2020年3月9日 20時26分)

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