New Year


Happy new year everyone!
Hope you guys had a fun winter break and new year.

My winter break was pretty good. I just went to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, D.C, New Orleans and Seattle with my friend. Honestly, all places where I visited, was great compared to Minnesota because of weather. If you don’t know about Minnesota winter, you should ask Google.

And I just started spring semester from beginning of this month. In this semester, I take regular classes as undergraduate instead of IEC classes (Intensive English Center).
First, I have Introduction to marketing class. This course provides an introduction to the concept of marketing and its application, including; customer focus, marketing mix, market segmentation, targeting and so on. Honestly, it’s hard for international students because they use technical language. Another one is Geography of tourism class. Actually, these two classes are completely different from my undergraduate class. But I just want to get all the knowledge, not just my specialty.

I only have 4 months left to leave this place, so I’m looking forward to meet you guys.

(2020年1月27日 17時15分)

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