”What’s up readers” “Sup bro” Have you ever heard such these phrases? I use these phrases every single day when I meet my friends. In addition, there are other way to use these words. Do you know that? The answer is “How are you?” We call these phrases that “Slung”. But we can use these phrases only among friends. I just want to make sure that do not use these phrases to teacher or your boss. If you use these phrases, you are given F or you have to leave (I’m not sure :D). Please don’t blame your fault on me if you do that.
Using slung is obviously one of good way to make good relationship with people. To take my experience as an example, first day in my class, I was certainly nervous and little scare at that time. And I always use formal words every single sentence. But, one of my classmates said that “Your languages are too formal so I feel something flat wall between you and me” Hence, I started use slung like “What’s up” after I was claimed. Now, I have good relationship with a lot of people, not only classmates.
Slung is very useful but sometimes not like talk with elders and betters. However, it can help you, if you understand what slung is and how to use it, I’m sorry for too short essay.

(2019年12月23日 13時38分)

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