To begin with, I believe that almost all Japanese people don’t try to be active. Unfortunately, that behavior lead to make a good relationship with foreigner difficulty. To take my American friend’s experience as an example, he tries to greet us almost every day. However, some Japanese students never say “Hi” to him. So, he always asks me “What happened to them? Did I do something wrong?” And I say “You didn’t do anything, it’s not your fault” So, what’s going on?

The problem is our personality. Here is the top 10 words to describe Japanese people.

1. polite 2. Punctual 3. Kind 4. Hard-Working 5. Respectful 6. Shy 7. Intelligent. 8. Grouping 9. Formal 10. Clean

What do you think about these words? In fact, I’m not sure these words relate with Japanese personality. But, “Shy” and “Grouping” make sense. Someone mention that Japanese people tend to behave as make something flat wall between Japanese and foreigners because they are shy. In addition, they make own group even they study English in U.S. However, if they have a little conversation, they become a very friendly and active person. In other words, take a step forward without fear. It is very important thing what I learned.

(2019年11月18日 10時23分)

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