University Life in America

盒 伸太朗(2年)

Welcome to my page. This is about my student life in Minnesota, United State. Before you read, please make sure that I may have some grammatical mistake in this diary because I’m not proficient in English. But I tried to write accurately and I hope you can catch meaning what I wanted to say.
Hello readers. I’m Shintaro Takahashi. I wrote about my university life in United State. In addition, I indicated what I’m thinking now.
To begin with, I go to the St. Cloud State University (SCSU) which located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Unfortunately, it takes about 90 minutes by car from Minneapolis International Airport to SCSU. Therefore, it is difficult to hangout in the city without car. On the other hand, there are a lot of open recreation in my university. For instance, if you want to watching movie, you can go to theater. In addition, we can play bowling, pool, ping pong, tennis, basketball and so on. My point is almost all things is free. Hence, we don’t have to go to downtown or city for hangout.
Secondly, about my class. I have taken only English classes which are reading, writing, conversation, structure class and vocabulary class in this semester. I think these English classes is little tough for the first month because I cannot figure out what teacher said. However, I have a plan to take a Business Law class in next semester as undergraduate student. Hence, I have to improve my English skill end of this semester. I will try everything to get English skills.
Finally, I wrote about what I’m thinking now. Unfortunately, I have not thought about hockey since I arrived here. I believed that every day is fresh for me which means that I already learned not only English but also how to communicate with people, gender, culture. Therefore, I changed something in my mind even I don’t know “something.” But I hope to find the “something” until I leave from here.
There is my whole university life. Honestly, I have no idea what I want to do now because I spent only one month here. But I believe that I can achieve my goal.

Could you understand what I wrote? It is difficult task for me. But I hope you enjoyed about this page. Thank you.

(2019年10月14日 21時42分)

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